Harp Lessons with Elizabeth

IMG_5163Elizabeth maintains an active teaching studio at her home in Philadelphia. As a dedicated and passionate teacher, she serves as a Lyra Society GLISSANDO Program Teaching Artist at the Philadelphia High School for Girls.

For inquiries about private lessons via Facetime or Zoom, please contact Elizabeth. Lessons are available to students of all levels and ages, it is never too late to start playing the harp! Lessons are tailored to fit you or your child’s needs and run between 45 and 60 minutes.

For information on renting or buying a harp, please contact the Virginia Harp Center in Haddonfield NJ at 856-428-1430.


The Gifts of Harp Lessons with Elizabeth Steiner

For the first time in perhaps 25 years of struggling to play Celtic harp at the holidays, I feel like an actual harpist.  This is entirely due to the wonderful teaching gifts of Elizabeth Steiner, who I was so fortunate to find as a result of her Virginia Harp Center online performance this summer.  Slowly but surely, I have been making steady progress after years of difficulty.  This is amazing to me, after just a few short months of lessons that began in early September. I can now look forward to my practice sessions and find new joys in the music I’ve collected for years, in the hopes that I’d one day be able to play these arrangements. Instead of the pain, dread and discomfort I used to experience, there is a new sense of developing mastery that brings me to daily immersion in the experience of playing the harp.  

What gets my attention, after I have served as a professional church organist, pianist and choir director for 50 years, is the unique combination of respect, excellence and willingness to accommodate different learning styles that Liz brings to her work.  These are not the first lessons I have attempted with harp professionals.  But after a few scattered instances in the past, this is the first time that a skilled instructor can incorporate my own musicianship and interests in both secular and sacred music with techniques I can understand and apply in a meaningful way– while using the virtual platform of Zoom for teaching in a pandemic! I am so grateful, as I plan a few simple tunes for upcoming holiday performances. These tunes will not be complex, but they will be accurately played without strain, and carry far more effectively than the self-taught efforts I once tried so hard to master.

With much gratitude for these new gifts my recent lessons have already provided, 

Pamela P.